Why Wheelabrating

Wheelabrating is a cost effective method of providing consistent, high quality surface preparation, for painting on metals.

Short term Benefits
  • Meeting our customers demands in providing specified blast cleaning requirements. - Our wheelabrator is capable of achieving SSPC-SP6 (NACE No.3), SSPC-SP7 (NACE No.4), and SSPC-SP10 (NACE No.2) blast profiles. If specifications require SSPC-SP5 (NACE No.1), we can accommodate this as well in our sandblast booth.
  • Cost & time efficient - Most of the materials only require one pass through the wheelabrator. We can deliver your job on schedule.

Long term Benefits
  • Environmental Friendly - At our plant, we installed the proper air filtration system to capture all small particles and reclaim the steel shot used during the wheelabrating process. No pollutants are allowed to exit the system without treatment.
  • Long Lasting - Since our wheelabrator can achieve consistent specified profiles, all treated surfaces carry the ideal condition for the desired coating specification. Therefore, the final products are long lasting.
  • No more on-site blasting - No more sending applications to the city for blocking public access, covering buildings and sidewalks.
  • Saving money, time and labor - Because of all the benefits listed above; naturally this is the end result.